Picture of the week #13

Test scene

Setting up our test scene

We had a big day yesterday with the release of the CotD teaser trailer. The visitors record for the site got smashed with a new record of over 600 visitors, and we’re happy with the comments so far. Anyway, back to everyday stuff. Above you’ll see a shot of our test scene becoming more and more complete by the minute. Ronald and Pascal are fixing the last issues in order to to finish up the models and textures. After that we can start shader and gameplay tests.

4 Comments on “Picture of the week #13

  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    That bell tower looks like a nice place to camp with a sniper rifle…. Oh wait… It’s not that kinda game <_< Though guns were around in Europe over 100 years before Pier was born, I don't expect them to be a part of this game. They were probably an extreme rarity in Frisia.

    Anyway, that has nothing to do with the picture above, lol… Looks like a proper test village with a lot of different elements to play with. It always seems like fun to play around with this sort of thing. As a side note regarding that, I always love games with an editor to make your own maps/locations. I also doubt that this will be in this game (as the focus will be on the story I imagine), but it would be sweet though.

    Anyway, looking good, people :) Though I'd love to play this game yesterday, you should take all the time you need to properly complete and beta test this Frisian gem.

  2.  by  bpfh

    @USSGreatePier : I agree with the belltower. Now, if you could find a hippy tank crew, I could see this being Kelly’s Heroes :)

    No, seriously guys, looks gr(e)eat! Are you modeling this on – more or less – actual villages?

    Cheers !

  3.  by  Remco

    @bpfh: Actually, yes! We have found maps for all towns and cities that we’re using in CotD, and will try to model the content in-game after them as much as we can in terms of locations and roads. The important thing however is to be able to keep an overview in a location and never to get lost. So most of the times we will change the layout to fit the game :-)

  4.  by  bpfh

    @Remco: Great. Of course, gameplay comes first, but It’s great to know that there is historical research done to make the game just a tad more realistic!

    Cheers !

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