December review

With the start of a fresh year the time has come to review the statistics of the fourth month since the release of this website! We’ve had 2032 visitors (+11%) and 1257 unique visitors (+34%) generating about 7524 page views (-16%). This month we attracted more (unique) visitors than in November, which is probably caused by the increased referral traffic. On average, a visitor spends about 3.13 minutes (-29%) on the site. Slightly drop from last month but still high if you compare it to average website visiting times. Over 61% (+10%) of the traffic originates from referring websites, there’s a new contender in this month largest contributors. Pier Gerlofd Donia was featured as badass of the week and the site managed to conquer the third spot, at the expense of wikipedia, making the new order and badassoftheweek.com20% (-10%) of the search traffic came again mainly from Google. Top keywords being ‘Cross of the Dutchman’ and ‘Cross of the Dutchman trailer’, meaning people are really waiting for the trailer now. Direct traffic accounted for 18% (+13%). Campaign traffic generated by our newsletter shrank this month to 1% (-70%) which we can directly relate to the fact that we didn’t send out a newsletter this month

December site statistics

December site statistics

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month December. When we take a closer look, a few things stand out. We had two peaks, which we again can directly relate to revealing 3D art. Average daily traffic increased slightly to 66 visits (+10%) a day. In short, we had an average month with some spikes/drops and with a peak of 137 visits.

The Cross of the Dutchman community grew to 578 posts32 topics52 members and 76 Facebook fans. The article that drew the most readers this month was ‘Converting concept art to 3D art #2‘, where ‘Picture of the week #10‘ was a good second, ‘Picture of the week #12’ and ‘Progress report #2‘ got the most comments. We will post updates on statistics on a monthly basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

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