WINtA wins Dutch Game Award

Not really Cross of the Dutchman related, but we would like to share it with you anyway. WINtA was nominated twice for a Dutch Game Award and managed to win in one of the categories :). Of course we aim for CotD to be a contender for one of the awards next year.

Triangle Studios is proud to announce that WINtA won the Dutch Game Award in the category ‘Best mobile/handheld game’. WINtA was released last year on December 9th and is considered as the next step in music rhythm games. The iPhone/iPod touch game provides a fun and natural way for you to tap along to your favorite songs while creating unique and addictive challenges at the same time.

Dutch Game Award

Best handheld/mobile Dutch Game Award

We couldn’t have achieved this without the knowledge and support of our dear friends over at OneBigGame and NanaOn-sha. We would Especially name Martin de Ronde, Matsaya Matsuura and Dewi Tanner, thanks guys!

Dutch Game Award winners

Congratulations to all Dutch Game Award winners

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