October review

It’s our second month since the launch of this website, let’s see if we can surpass the excellent first month. Time to review and see how we’ve done in October! Let’s start with some statistics. We’ve had 2375 visitors (+25%) and 1167 unique visitors (+49%) generating about 12708 page views (-30%). Although we managed to attract more (unique) visitors, we served less pages. On average, a visitor spends about 6 minutes (-46%) on the site. It’s good to see that people still take the time to explore the information we have to offer on CotD, but apparently they do it more efficient. Over 50% (-2%) of the traffic originates from referring websites, just like last month the largest contributor being Facebook, Twitter and triangle-studios.com. The Wikipedia pages describing CotD are a good fourth. 25% (+4%) of the search traffic came again mainly from Google. Top keywords being ‘Cross of the Dutchman’ and ‘Grutte Pier Donia’, are the same as last month. Direct traffic accounted for 21% (-16%). New this month is campaign traffic, generated by our newsletter which was good for 4%. 

CotD stats october

October site statistics

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month October. When we take a closer look, a few things stand out. We had one peak, which we can relate to the article in the Leeuwarden Courant. We also had a really slow third week, due to the lack of articles updates and it being a holiday week. Average daily traffic increased slightly to 75 visits (+19%) a day. In short, we had a very good start this month with an all time high of 214 visits (+16%). We saw the visits slowly declining in the second and third week, whereas the fourth week lived up to the expectations again.

The Cross of the Dutchman community grew to 433 posts, 23 topics, 36 members and 51 Facebook fans. We will reveal new plans to stimulate the community growth later this month. The article that drew the most readers this month was ‘The voice of Pier #2‘, where ‘moving to a new office‘ was a good second, which also got the most comments.

We will post updates on statistics on a monthly basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

4 Comments on “October review

  1.  by  Remco

    I’m sure our teaser trailer will make the number of visitors explode!

  2.  by  chi

    The teaser will leave people mouth watering for more ;)

  3.  by  Timen

    That will will definitely break our all time high, but we have more planned for this month ;)

  4.  by  USSGreatePier

    “we have more planned for this month”

    You made me curious now, haha… I’m sure the forum will pick up as soon as more information and indeed trailers and such become available…

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