Wanted: 3D artist and 3D animator

Today we’re opening a jobs page. We’re blogging since September 1st and our development team is already making progress on the development of Cross of the Dutchman. The project has been in our hearts and heads for some years now. It’s fantastic to see the game progress and grow into something big. But we’re still missing some essential skills within our team. We had some potential candidates but fate made ​​sure it never happened. That’s why we’ve opened a jobs section on our site. Currently we’re looking for a 3D artist and a 3D animator.

We are looking for you

We are looking for you

We have a great creative and dedicated team. So if you are an artist with these skills and think you are an addition to our team then head over to the jobs section and apply! Or if you know someone with these skills, then please forward them to us.

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  1.  by  Wilds

    Nice too see the team expanding!
    In 2 years you need low level graphics programmers for the ps3!!!

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