The voice of Pier #2

LC article

LC article

This morning we got a call from the local newspaper, the Leeuwarden Courant. They heard about the voice of Pier article because of a tweet we sent out yesterday. Remco did a short interview with them over the phone. Talking about the project in general, but also about the Frisian voice acting that we’re planning to do. They asked us if we already had someone in mind for the voice of Pier. And to be honest we have some names in mind to do Pier’s voice, but we’ll not reveal them just yet. For the most important reason that we haven’t approached anyone on that list. On the other hand we thought it would be fun to call out for unknown talent, and see what they have to offer in their role as Pier’s voice. And before we knew it we had an article in their newspaper, which was released early this afternoon.

So let’s make this official. We hereby call for the voice of Pier! Anyone who thinks he (or she) is the right person to represents Pier’s somewhat aged and worn Frisian voice can send us a video or audio link with your entry. Of course there are some rules that will help improve your chances:

  • You must speak fluently Frisian (Frysk)
  • You need to convince us of your voice acting skills, so please submit at least one or more spoken sentences.
  • We will let the community help us decide, so we will publish the submissions on this website.

Because we want everyone to have an equal chance, we’ve taken an excerpt from CotD’s dialogue that you can use for your audition. Good luck!

VOICE-OVER PIER (unverified and not final text, own interpretations are allowed)

“frede, in soad minsken sykje it, mar de measte sille it nea fine. Oait tocht ik dat ik it hie.”
“Peace, so many people search it, though so little truly know what it is. I once thought I knew.”

“Fryslân wie yn oarloch. De Saksen besmoarden de minsken sa bot, dat se de hulp fan it gelderske leger ynropten. Karel fan Gelre stjoerde syn leger fan ôf de sudersee Fryslân yn, om it grutste part wer frij te meitsjen
“Fryslân was in a state of rebellion. The Saxons had suppressed the people enough, so they called the Guelderians to their aid. Karel van Gelre lead an army into Fryslân from the sea, recovering almost all of Fryslân.”

“Sawol de Saksen as Karel van Gelre brûkten hiersoldaten foar harren oarloch, ek al hiene se net in soad jild. Dit soarge derfoar dat de Swarte Heap, it meast beruchte leger fan hiersoldaten, stêden plondere en in soad skea diene yn Fryslân.”
“Both the Saxons and the Guelderians used mercenaries to fight their wars, though both sides had little money. This caused The Black Hope, the most infamous band of mercenaries, to raid the Frisian villages. Fryslân faced some hard times. Still, life went on.”

10 Comments on “The voice of Pier #2

  1.  by  chi

    Can’t wait to hear the submitted voice-overs!

  2.  by  Markos

    Are you only looking for the voice of Pier or also for some of the other characters? There are five more major characters, one of whom is the Duke of Guelders who spoke Dutch, I assume?

  3.  by  Remco

    We need loads of people willing to do voice acting, but let’s start with the big chief :-)

  4.  by  Faceoff

    Pier kwam uit de Fryske Walden toch? Misschien moet ik mijn Wald-Frysk maar in de strijd gooien :)
    Maar om nou mezelf meteen op Youtube te zetten hoeft nou ook weer niet haha!

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