September Review

It’s been one month since the launch of this website, so it’s time to review and see how we’ve done so far! Let’s start with some statistics. We’ve had over 1900 (783 unique) visitors generating about 18.000 page views. Seems like people really like reading our stuff! On average, a visitor spends about 11 minutes on the site, which is a big deal for us. It’s good to see that people take the time and explore the information we have to offer on CotD. Over 51% of the traffic originates from referring websites, the largest contributor being Facebook, shortly followed by Twitter(this is where we link to our articles every day) and 24% of the traffic came from search queries, mainly Google. The rest came from direct traffic. Search results let us know that most people find us by searching for ‘Cross of the Dutchman’, but we’re also getting a lot of visitors searching for ‘Grutte Pier Donia’. Good to know that we mention Piers’ name often enough to get noticed in that list!

Analytics September

September site statistics

The chart above shows our site statistics for the month September. When we take a closer look, a few things stand out. We had two peaks. We can’t really related the first one to a specific event, rather than it being the launch week. But the second one we can relate to our press release being featured on (thanks fot the tip Thagarr!). Besides the slow weekends, we’re seeing a steadily week over week growth in visits. Traffic is increasing slowly to a 100 visits a day.

For us, this means we’re off to a great start. The community is steadily growing (325 posts, 17 topics, 25 members and 20 Facebook fans) and a couple of hardcore visitors are already tracking our every move (thanks guys!). Starting from October, we will be giving more interviews to websites about CotD, in order to further increase traffic and add more members to the community.

As for our articles, we’ve been writing some good stuff. Much background information on CotD and it’s story, and some design articles about characters and environments. We expect to be able to show you “real” graphics pretty soon, and we know you’re looking forward to that one. The article that drew the most readers so far was ‘Designing a Hero‘ where the first drawings of Grutte Pier were revealed to the world.

We will post updates on statistics on a regular basis. Just leave a comment in case you have suggestions for other stats you might be interested in.

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    Let’s hope October is a month with less server issues …

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