Picture of the week #3


desk's ready for transport

We had plans for sometime to move to a new office, and last week we received the final go. So on saturday we started moving the first stuff to our new office.

Erik proudly shows his legs

Erik proudly shows his legs

And because of all the server trouble we didn’t get the chance to do a ‘picture of the week’ last week. So that’s why we give you a bonus picture for this week.

sprint setup

Frank & Jildert setting up their sprint tasks

And again the subjects are our CotD programmers, Frank & Jildert. They are seting up the SCRUM planning. Every post-it has a specific task on it. And once finished will be moved to the next window. That way you can easily see how the project is coming along.

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  1.  by  Remco

    My little VW did a good job moving all that stuff!

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