GDC Update #2 (And #3)

Hey guys, just woke up in beautiful Dallas TX  with a beautiful day ahead of us. I feel like writing today so time to inform you about the two days of GDC Online you haven’t heard about yet! Well in order for me to start, you need to know a bit about what GDC Online looks like. The ‘Normal’ GDC’s are huge, basically spread over two or three venues in San Francisco, it lures thousands of developers to its talks and expo and the entire area is like a tidal wave of crazyness for a couple of days. GDC Online is a bit different. Actually, it’s a lot different. First because it is focussed mainly on ‘Online’ games. This encompasses MMO’s, Social Media like Facebook games, but also mobile and handheld gaming. The good thing however is, that the show is a lot smaller than the one in SF, and this means that you’re able to talk with someone for more than 5 minutes before the next meeting starts knocking on the door.

The relaxed environment of GDC Online allowed us to cherry-pick the companies we wanted to meet in advance. Since we have more than one project at Triangle Studios, we were meeting people for a lot of other projects as well. We were walking all over town on Tuesday and Wednesday meeting people at hotels, restaurants and at the expo itself. What makes the whole process even better is the gorgeous weather we were having. Austin was really treating us well!

But one thing GDC’s are most famous for, are the parties. From about 4 or 5pm, loads of companies host receptions, mixers and parties to gather developers and have them mingle while enjoying a couple of beers (Shiners in our case, since we’re in TX). We went to a number of parties each night and were meeting up with all sorts of developers, artists, designers that could be a huge help in our quest to make CotD an awesome game.

So, what has GDC Online brought us? We did meet a lot of new people, but to our opinion we were not able to meet with enough journalists to really spread the word about CotD. Business-wise it’s hard to determine if a show is a success just a couple of days afterwards. The next two weeks is where we start sending information, and see if the initial interest in Triangle Studios and its games is enough for our new contacts to take the next step and work with us on a project.

That’s it for our GDC Online adventure, we’ll make sure to keep making these items in the future!

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  1.  by  USSGreatePier

    Sound very good, Remco. The right sort of crowd to be mingling in during this stage of development. Let’s hope it will be a fruitful event. Meanwhile in the “Cotd in the news” thread, more and more sites pop up publishing an article on the game. It seems to be picking up nicely. GDC Online can only add to that.

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