GDC Update #1

First day of the GDC Online today. Yesterday we started blogging about our attendance to this show and this the first of a series of articles that describe our days at the GDC. So, the show will start in about an hour from now but Austin was already overflowing with developers yesterday.

CotD merchandise

Margriet wearing CotD merchandise!

Margriet and I went to a place called Cedarstreet Courtyard (which as it turns out is not on Cedar St. at all …) where we ran into the first batch of GDC visitors. The place had a nice atmosphere, but people were more into their drinks then talking about projects and videogames. So we made the best out of the evening and got ourselves a couple of drinks as well.

GDC online food :)

Besides the drinks we had this healthy food ;)

Today we will be visiting the Expo floor mostly and check out the companies who have made the trip down to Austin. That’s it for now, we’re off to grab a bite to eat and open the hunt for those bloggers and game journalists!


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