Visiting the town of Kimswerd

When we started gathering information for CotD, one of the first things we did is visit the town of Kimswerd. This is the town where Grutte Pier had lived. Pier was a rich farmer who owned his own land. A small delegation of eager game developers were welcomed by locals who had spent their lives telling the story of Grutte Pier, after a cup of coffee we were ready to explore Kimswerd, and see if we would be able to find anything that dated back to the time of Pier.

Many pictures were taken during our visit, and we have compiled a selection of those pictures into the following gallery. Click the images to read a description of each one. Not all images are directly related to Grutte Pier, but all of them are interesting to read!

[slickr-flickr set=”72157626789778851″ type=”gallery” descriptions=”on” tag=”cotd” thumbnail_size=”square” size=”m640″ items=”13″]
A video interview was created where our guides tell about what they know of the legend, and the customs around that time. We hope to have the interview ready and online soon, so you will be able to enjoy what we experienced as a great day in Kimswerd.

2 Comments on “Visiting the town of Kimswerd

  1.  by  Dr Tesla

    I realy hope this game will go all the way to the top, btw i was wondering about these things however…

    -will it be a MMORPG or an MMFPS ?
    -what graphics engine will be used ?
    – will there be interegional traveling IE: From the Netherlands to Belgium or England ?
    -will it be a P2P (pay to play) or F2P (free 2 play) or PTOP (Play to Play(like eve online ) ) game ?

    Kind Regards

  2.  by  Remco

    Good questions, Dr. Tesla, would be a shame if we would reveal all that in just one post, wouldn’t it :-) Rest assured that we will answer all of those questions and more. One thing I can tell you right away, that it will definitely not be an MMO :-)

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