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Getting tired of checking dozens of websites for the latest news?! Sign up for Triangle Connect now!

Keep track of the latest developments and sign up for Triangle Connect! Having a Triangle Connect account will bring you fame, glory and convenient news updates at the same time. You won’t have to register for all individual Triangle Studios websites, but you can use just one account to discuss on all the bulletin boards affiliated with Triangle Studios or games developed by Triangle Studios.

We’ve compiled this compact FAQ so you don’t have to worry about anything when signing up for Triangle Connect!

Q: What can I do with a Triangle Connect account?
A: You can participate in any of the discussions on the frontpage, or on the community.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes.

Q: So I post some stuff, doesn’t sound that spectacular …
A: Ah! But there’s more! When registering for a Triangle Connect account, you will start to build a presence in the Triangle Studios Universe. When you participate in sufficient discussions, you are rewarded with the status of Triangle Ambassador.

Q: So I join a few discussions, and now I’m an Ambassador. What’s next?
A: Ambassadors are very valuable to us! We invite you to a private section of each community, where you are asked for your opinion on all sorts of subjects related to Triangles’ upcoming games (Cross of the Dutchman, in this case). You can preview art, animations and even gameplay before anybody else. That is your reward for being a Triangle Ambassador!

Q: How long do I have to work until I can become an Ambassador?
A: When you reach the level of 100 posts, you automatically become a Level 1 Ambassador, and will have gained access to the private section of the Community. Special Ambassador levels are rewarded to users who pre-order the game the Community is linked to. Once you have become a Triangle Ambassador, you are able to participate in discussions on all future Triangle Studios projects as well!

Q: Will my information be used for anything?
A: When you register, you can sign up for our newsletter. We will use the email address registered with Triangle Connect to send you the newsletter. Having a complete profile will also speed up any pre-order that you may sign up for. Your additional information is not required, so don’t fill it out if you don’t feel like it. We will certainly never sell your information to third parties.

Q: What about the parties you are affiliated with?
A: Triangle Connect is our own initiative, we’ve founded to community to help you find all the information about the games you like in one place, with one account. Even if 3rd parties come in and help us out on a project, we will keep control of Triangle Connect, and all your personal data.

Q: The site looks pretty cool, have you built it yourself?
A: Just the graphics! There are people out there who have done a great job building WordPress and PHPbb, both are used for the Website and Community respectively. Check out the websites if you want to know more about using this software for your personal website!

5 Comments on “Triangle Connect

  1.  by  Markos

    So, I could become an “ambassador” once I reach 100 posts? Cool. ;)

  2.  by  Timen

    Well we might raise the bar at a certain point. But for now you’re doing a great job at becoming our first ambassador!

  3.  by  Markos

    Guess I gotta be quick then, before I require a thousend posts! :P

  4.  by  Squ1zZy

    “When you reach the level of 100 posts, you automatically become a Level 1 Ambassador, and will have gained access to the private section of the Community”

    Wouldn’t this push people to “spam” to get the Ambassador status?

  5.  by  Remco

    You would think so, but since we’re actually a pretty compact community, you would only be “spamming” about our videogame or anything that has to do with Grutte Pier! In our case, we actually see that as a good thing :-) I think it would be very obvious if someone would push for 100 messages in a day or two.

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