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First ‘fresh’ item on the CotD blog. Good moment to explain what you’ll be able to find over here, and why it is definitely worth your time making us part of your daily web-routine! Well, first off is the blog, items like this will keep you up to date on progress of the game, tell you about changes we’re making or things we’re noticing. We will also post articles about the development of the game, while it is still in development! You could call it some form of slow-live-blogging actually …

Designing Series
The Designing Series will be articles about the design of CotD. Concept art, Animations, 3D models, Interfaces, the lot. We’ll make sure to let you in on every aspect about the art of CotD.

Creating Series
For the programmers and technology enthousiasts out there, we will bring the Creating Series. Articles about the development of CotD. Insights on gameplay mechanics, graphics techniques, artificial intelligence and much more!

Developer Interviews
We will be doing interviews with the guys who are working on the game, they will tell you what their role is in the project, and  what drives them to make CotD the best game they’ve ever built!

CotD is not just a myth, most of the history that took place was documented, as well as the way of living back in the 16th century. These articles will give an insight of how people lived back then, and what the cause was of Piers’ journey to rebel against his oppressors.

And much more!
Pictures, Videos, Music samples,  Game footage, reports of Beta Tests, everything worth mentioning about CotD will find its way to the website. I think you should have enough reasons by now to bookmark this page …

We also would like to know what you guys would like to read or get more information about, so be sure to post your own suggestions in the comments!

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